Upcoming Fitness Activity at Hangzhou, Co-sponsored by COFCO Fortune

On August 8, National Fitness Day and the 5th anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games, a fitness activity - “Fitness together • a path to the China Dream” – will be held in Hangzhou in 13 districts, the economic & technology development zone and the scenic area of Hangzhou West Lake, in a bid to promote a sports culture across the nation. The co-sponsors of the event include the Publicity Department of the CPC Hangzhou Municipal Committee, the Hangzhou Sports Bureau, the Hangzhou Culture Radio Television Group, the Hangzhou Daily Press Group and COFCO Fortune. COFCO Fortune, a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Chinese Sports Delegation for 2012-2019, is proud to be playing its part in the promotion of fitness and a sports culture as a life goal.

The activity will include a 3-5 km walk for fitness that should attract around 30,000 participants, as well as a free fitness test, and is aimed at sharpening people’s awareness of their own health indicators. In addition to encouraging the people of Hangzhou to participate in sport, Fortune also hopes to achieve the broader aim of promoting a spirit of athleticism and healthy lifestyles across the nation through the “Fortune National Walking for Fitness, Shanghai” activity on August 31. This will include activities such as walking for fitness, sporting events and freely available fitness assessments.


With its key product corn oil originating from ideal growing regions, Fortune, a leader in the edible oil industry, manufactures Olympic standard quality products which are becoming increasingly accessible to people, helping them to stay in shape. Fortune corn oil is made from non-GM corn from the corn belt in northeast China 45 degrees north latitude, which ensures its nutritional quality and naturalness, and undergoes a high-tech extraction process to produce the mild, non-greasy oil. The product contains 80%-85% unsaturated fatty acid, which is conducive to lowering blood pressure and fat, and it is rich in phytosterol, vitamin E and other elements essential for cardiac and cerebral health. The combination of exercise and a balanced dietary regime can facilitate improvements in people’s health right across the nation. In addition, the COFCO whole-of-industry chain is a further guarantee of the safety and reliability of the product.


It is hoped that the promotion of the “Fortune National Walking for Fitness” programs will enable more people to be aware of the significance of healthy lifestyles and diet, as well as of the quality products manufactured by Fortune, so as to boost the health status of people nationwide, a fundamental element of the China Dream.


Physical exercise is more than just a fitness activity - it adds up to a healthy lifestyle. As a renowned expert in the food industry, COFCO Fortune is committed to bringing quality, safe, nutritious and tasty products to Chinese consumers. With more people being concerned with and becoming involved in the “Walking for Fitness” programs, they are increasingly understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s join Fortune in wishing every success for the activity and looking forward to more quality products from the brand.