Le Conte Handed out Chocolate to Celebrate Olympic Victories

Since the 2012 London Summer Olympics were kicked off on July 28, the Chinese Sports Delegation has won a series of victories. As people from all social sectors in China were celebrating the triumphs of Chinese athletes, Le Conte, one of the suppliers of the Chinese Sports Delegation cheered the athletes on in a unique way. Le Conte chocolate could bring a happy game watching experience to spectators by delivering an intoxicating sweet taste and alleviating their mood. As people in China got increasingly feverous about the Olympics, Le Conte pooled all the online and offline resources for a nationwide publicity initiative.

On July 27, Le Conte kicked off a chocolate handout campaign in supermarkets of 61 major cities across China. The chocolate handed out to people was tasty and worth collecting. More importantly, it could help people realize their gold medal dreams. So far, the official Le Conte microblog has attracted nearly 10,000 fans to express their support to the Chinese athletes. As the handout campaign spreads across the country, more and more consumers will be attracted.

In another development, Le Conte handed out 999 bars of golden chocolate every day at Lingjing Hutong Station of Line 4 of the Beijing Subway from July 30 to August 12.Also, Le Conte deployed twelve 103-inch LED screens and sixty 3m x 1.5m lamp houses at Xidan, Xizhimen and Zhongguancun of Beijing for publicity purposes. Moreover, it sent out two Le Conte brand vehicles that went through the downtown areas of Beijing. It also reconfigured two 3m x 1.5m lamp houses into show cases to bring consumers closer to Le Conte chocolate and the Olympics. In addition, the official Le Conte microblog kept people posted of the latest development of the London Olympic Games. The diversified chocolate culture and microblog activities brought people together to taste the sweetness of Le Conte chocolate and share the triumphant happiness of Chinese athletes.

As the Olympic Games went on, the marketing initiative launched by Le Conte made more progress. It is expected that the Le Conte chocolate handout launched at 600 supermarkets across China and on Line 4 of the Beijing Subway would cover 18 million people, the online publicity campaign would involve 10 million people, and over 1 million people would receive chocolate handouts. As a brand under COFCO which is a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, Le Conte will continue to support sports in China and spearhead innovation in the industry.