China Foods attends the 2012 Eat in Beijing (Qianmen) Food Festival

On May 16, the 2012 Eat in Beijing (Qianmen) Food Festival got underway in Qianmen Street. China Foods was represented by Great Wall Wine, Fortune Edible Oils and Spices, Le Conte Chocolate, and Merveille Candy and Peanuts.



The 5-day food festival was packed with many activities and events.At the opening ceremony, Li Shiwei, general manager of COFCO’s Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei operations, said that as COFCO’s food business division, China Foods is in the process of implementing a cross-product, cross-brand and integrated model in line with COFCO’s integrated food value chain strategy so as to offer an increased number of safe food choices for people in Beijing.

China Foods ran a number of events, including product displays, sampling, wine tastings, wine label making, and wine sales, in an endeavor to portray a unified brand image and the value integrity of COFCO.